Name Calling, Calmly Considered

Names matter. Yes, from a marketing perspective and a communication standpoint, but for us, as saints in Christ, from a biblical perspective. When God called Abram, he gave him a new name. When the angel bore witness to Mary about her son, he told her his name. When Paul addressed churches such as Ephesus orContinue reading “Name Calling, Calmly Considered”

Would Anyone Like to Pray?

Maundy Thursday 2022 + Luke 22:31-34 It’s a scene that takes place in many churches. It’s time for a meeting or Bible Study to begin and a leader asks, “Would anyone like to pray?” What follows is oftentimes, dead silence.  We Christians, who are to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17), sometimes prefer that prayingContinue reading “Would Anyone Like to Pray?”

Holy Week: Surrendering our Will to this Will

Tuesday + Lesser Day 2022 + Luke 21:10-19 I’m reading from the ESV Translation, and in this text the word “will” shows up 13 times and among the 13 “wills” the “will” of verse 13 is the most important. The first 5 times are about what will happen outside the disciples realm of control (vs.Continue reading “Holy Week: Surrendering our Will to this Will”

Holy Week: The Economy of the Kingdom

Monday + Lesser Day 2022 + Luke 20:45-21:4 The Gospel of Luke is filled with parables. Many famous ones at that. The Prodigal Son to the Lost Sheep, Luke loves to offer a good parable from Jesus. Today, however, isn’t a parable from Jesus. No, Jesus, in this scene, has turned into the color commentatorContinue reading “Holy Week: The Economy of the Kingdom”