Getting In Someone Else’s Business

Spiritual warfare is real. Oftentimes in our lives it’s when we continue to wade through the lukewarm waters of failing to be conformed to Christ that we either neglect it or declare it isn’t real. We typically do this because we are rarely under attack. The lack of attacks is typically because we seek toContinue reading “Getting In Someone Else’s Business”

We Need the Right Narrative

World renowned American theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku once remarked that all people are born as geniuses. To watch a child at play in the woods or with some blocks or a dollhouse is to watch brilliance at work. Their creative nature is limitless, the world is their playground. No one has told them what theyContinue reading “We Need the Right Narrative”

Come Christmas : An Advent Prayer

What follows is a prayer that I wrote many years ago and each year, on Christmas Eve, I come back to it, as to prepare for Christmas. I thought it would be helpful and encouraging that we pray this together as we enter into Christmas Eve and the Christmas season. Zechariah, do believe in thisContinue reading “Come Christmas : An Advent Prayer”

What Christmas Is All About (the other stuff) Part III – Humiliation

Christmas is all about humiliation. The consequences of Eve’s actions in the garden meant that she would experience pain as she bore children (Gen. 3:16). The first command (Gen. 1:28) would now have severe consequences. What child birth might have looked like in a perfect world would be interesting. I’m sure any woman who hasContinue reading “What Christmas Is All About (the other stuff) Part III – Humiliation”

What Christmas is All About (the other stuff) Part II – New Life

The Christmas story is all about new life, but perhaps not in the way you are thinking. Now, as a reminder, this new series is about going deeper in the Christmas story, or learning what Christmas really is all about, biblically-speaking anyways.  When God created Adam, he did it in the most unique and beautifulContinue reading “What Christmas is All About (the other stuff) Part II – New Life”