Who Are You With?

Spy Wednesday 2022 + Luke 22:1-6

Passover is coming. The festival to remember, and be obedient to, what God said back in Exodus 12:47 in that all the congregation of Israel shall keep this Passover.

The chief priests and scribes, however, instead of preparing for this remembrance of Passover have some different motives. They are not preparing; they are seeking – seeking to kill Jesus. Men, charged with maintaining fidelity and adherence to the observance of Jewish festivals and Jewish law, have it in their minds to break a law (Exodus 20:13) so as to rid Jesus from their midst. They want to kill Jesus.

To aid them is Judas, one of the twelve who has now become a dwelling place, not for the Word of God, but for the adversary to God, namely Satan himself. In Luke 22:3 we read those most haunting words, “Then Satan entered Judas.” On this side of things, we shouldn’t be surprised by these words because Jesus knew Judas was a devil (John 6:70).

We know this to be true because of the fruit that Judas produces after this verse. Instead of being with Jesus, Judas is now with the chief priests and officers (Luke 22:4). Notice, Judas left Emmanuel, God with us, to go be with the Chief Priests. Judas made the move, Judas chose evil, Judas chose to leave his rabbis’ side. John of Damascus said, “God makes all his works good, but each becomes of its own choices good or evil.”

Judas, the Treasurer of the twelve who follow a rabbi named Jesus, has put in place a plan that will surely have his rabbi killed. Think about that for a moment, Judas went from following his rabbi, to being paid to betray his rabbi.

While all this is haunting, what is perhaps most telling is where Satan does his work in this story. This isn’t an outside job Satan does on entering someone, it’s an inside job. Satan didn’t use someone outside the church (the twelve) to betray Jesus, he went inside the church. Perhaps we should take note that just because someone goes to church, does not make them immune from Satan’s schemes and becoming vessels of darkness and disobedience.

After this entering, Judas uses his life, his opportunity to betray Jesus. He clearly is no longer a disciple, for a disciple follows, listens, and obeys his or her rabbi, they certainly do not betray them for some chump change. Disciples use their opportunities for obedience to their Master.

Now in this brief time together, I’ve thrown much at you concerning the nature of Judas. How about you? What do you find convicting about this story? Do you relate to Judas? God forbid we only look at the speck in his eye and miss the log in our own eye!

Maybe this will help, if you recall, yesterday, Tuesday, I commented on Jesus’ words that our lives are an opportunity to bear witness to the story of Jesus. Judas, who was filled with Satan and with the chief priests, used his life as an opportunity to make money off Jesus, to betray Jesus, to use Jesus, to do the stuff that would ultimately have him killed. Christ have mercy.

Who you are with matters. Who you are filled with matters. What your motives are matters.

So, how is it with your soul today? Who are you with? Who are you filled with?

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