Darkness of October

Halloween is a seasonal, visible manifestation of what truly is an everyday, invisible reality.

To read the stories of Jesus, as revealed Scripture, is to meet a man who undoubtedly lived his life being fully aware that evil was a present reality.

Jesus did not assume evil lurked, Jesus knew it.

Our issue today is that we very easily fall in the same trap that Thomas Jefferson fell into, in that he respected Jesus greatly as a moral teacher and one worthy of being our ethical guide, yet balked at the entirety of who Jesus is. This is what led Mr. Jefferson to grab a pair of scissors and cut out the supernatural stories that involved Jesus in the gospels. He then presented, via The Jefferson Bible, a halfway Jesus, full of heartwarming, yet difficult teachings, yet void of supernatural stories like raising the dead and casting out demons.

Jeffersons’ Jesus taught true teachings, such as the Sermon on the Mount, yet failed to deal with what was then, and is still now, the invisible reality that satan has schemes to steal, kill, and destroy. 

When we learn of who Jesus is through John’s gospel we learn that the light was coming into the world to shine upon the darkness (John 1:5). The Bible works from a declaration that evil is real, darkness is dark and the supernatural is mixed with the natural. 

If we’re honest we’d rather not admit this, we’d rather make excuses and act like some stuff isn’t real. We’d rather scoff and label them as ancient folklore. This, however, isn’t what Jesus did. In 1 John 3:8 we read, “Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.” This involved more than teachings, it involved dealing with darkness.

Each year when October rolls around, we start to truly see that darkness is coming. The days get shorter. The nights are a bit longer. The sun suddenly doesn’t scorch like it did a few weeks ago.  Along with this, homes are adorned with hanging ghosts, dangling spiders, and fired up pumpkins. Television networks start pulling out all the stops with shows like, “Halloween Kills” and remakes of “Chucky.” While easily disguised, evil seems to lurk a little more visible this time.

Simply put, October slams darkness in our face and while it’s intensified visibly this month, be not ignorant, for every month of the year, there is a supernatural darkness that beckons us to dark deeds, called sin, that slowly pull us from God.

However, it’s in the midst of this dark loving world that the Light of the World came, because He loves it so. 

Each year as the season of Halloween rolls around and the darkness becomes visible, I’m reminded that it’s always present, that the enemy is always prowling around like a lion looking to devour. Now, that’s a terrifying thought. 

But if I go back to John 1:5, there is hope because there is light and His name is Jesus. So whether it’s a silly season like Halloween or a Holy Week like Easter, Jesus is Jesus and He always will be.

Visible or Invisible, on this side of glory, the darkness still lurks, we should be aware, we should be on guard. The best way to be on guard?

To put on Christ, who confuses the darkness, who makes demons flee, who forgives sin, and who crushes the head of the serpent. 

Be not afraid, Jesus reigns without rival.

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