Come Christmas : An Advent Prayer

What follows is a prayer that I wrote many years ago and each year, on Christmas Eve, I come back to it, as to prepare for Christmas. I thought it would be helpful and encouraging that we pray this together as we enter into Christmas Eve and the Christmas season.

Zechariah, do believe in this word you have heard from the angel, for from the womb of your wife will come the one will prepare the way for the Lord.

Elizabeth! I hope you will receive and hearten your cousin; she is anxious and she needs the encouragement you can provide.

Mary, please Mary, release your fear and lend your ear to the angel, for his name is Gabriel and he has come to tell of redemption for all humankind.

Valiant Joseph, I know you are troubled, but believe in the purity of your wife, for from her womb will come the Savior for all people.

And you, Bethlehem, though you are small among the lands, embrace this couple that will tread upon your soil tonight, for he is tired and she is ready.

Humble stable, though cattle and sheep are your residents, tonight you shall be a palace, for a King will cry in your midst as a girl becomes a mother and a boy, a father.

Keepers of the flock, though society counts you as nothing, will you come and witness the birth of the King? He is for the poor and the rich. The man and the woman.

Men from the East, move not your tongue to the man Herod, your silence is the protection of our King sleeping amongst the cattle.

Sovereign God, hush the earth this night that we might hear the Christmas story once more.

Come Christmas, come Christ child, come Holy Spirit and summon my heart to this good news of great joy.

Luke is Pastor of Discipleship to the community of saints, in Christ, at Nashville UMC.

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